Wishlist for Upcoming Sony a7 III / a7R III / a7S III By Brain Smith


Famous Sony mirrorless photographer Brain Smith has posted a wishlist of upcoming Sony a7 series mark III mirrorless cameras (a7 III, a7R III, a7S III). Brain Smith has posted 20+ top features for upcoming a7 series mirrorless cameras. The rumored release date for these three cameras could be sometime in 2017.

Below are top features:

  1. LSI Processor and Bigger Buffer
  2. Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C Connection
  3. 14-Bit Continuous Shooting
  4. Better AF Tracking
  5. Better Temperature Control
  6. Dual Card Slots
  7. Add Lossless Compressed Raw
  8. Add sRAW for High Megapixel Cameras
  9. Additional Aspect Ratios
  10. More Assignable Functions for Custom Buttons
  11. Dedicated Back-Button AF
  12. Beefier Joystick-Like Control Wheel
  13. Touch Focus
  14. Wide-Open AF with Native E-Mount Lenses
  15. Update LA-EA4 II Lens Adapter for Hybrid AF
  16. Improved Tethering Options
  17. Back-Illuminated Sensor for a7III
  18. Silent Shooting Mode for a7III
  19. Phase Detection Auto Focus for a7S III
  20. Add Electronic Variable ND Filter
  21. Bring on the New Sony Menus

You can see full detail at BrainSmith.

Previous we have already posted top features the expect from a7 series cameras:

  • where is the 4k60p ? ūüėČ

    • Lewieo

      yea this wishlist kind of sucks lol and lets make it a step further , 4k 100fps with an articulating screen also a bump in megapixels , about 24 megapixels

  • Rev

    Where is the 4K, 60P? Where is the 10bit 4:2:2 internal or external? Where is the enhanced slow-mo? this list is seriously lacking in priority.

  • xtoofur

    Just thought that I’d point out that his first name is Brian, not Brain.

  • Michael Newsom

    Larger camera with large, swiveling LCD and more effective image stabilization; built-in ND filters; higher resolution EVF; touch screen with more convenient menus; and 12 bit 4:4:4 internal video recording.

  • AStarbucks

    With the RAM backed sensor tech shown in the 960fps camera sensor product, wouldn’t the next game-changing feature be… wait for it… gasp … full-frame global shutter?

  • Art Khachatrian

    …and aan integrated high-precision #GPS chip for geologging and automatic time zone correction. A #touchscreen, of course (Inc. toch-to-focus). And #pixel_shifting. And a superior #battery life. And a built-in radio (or optical at worst) flash tower with support for both ETTL and Manual modes.
    And affordable: of Sony keeps pushing #prices up like they did with the second-generation A7 -series, I’ll have to sell My Sony gear and move to Fuji.