Will Sony a7S III Use this Leaked IMX435AQJ 36MP Full Frame 8K Sensor (4K at 480fps) ?

Today, a specs list of Sony IMX435AQJ full frame 8K sensor now leaked online. This sensor can also shoot 4K video at 480fps. So will this new IMX435AQJ sensor used on upcoming Sony a7S III ? Stay tuned.

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  • Hexxys

    I don’t think that there’s even a remote chance that this makes it into a ~3k dollar prosumer camera body in 2019.

  • The sensor may be used but don’t expect all the features to be available in the next generation camera. It may take several generations of camera bodies to be powerful enough to take advantage of all the sensors attributes.

  • Martino Dini

    I believe it is a mixture of A7r4 and A7s3 features..