Video: How Fast is the Sony a7 III

The Sony a7 III (B&H/Adorama/Amazon) has a burst speed of up to 10 frames per second. Here is short video of the high-speed continuous shooting of Sony a7 III by youtube user Camera Creativ.

In the video, we see the a7 III shooting JPEGs for about 25 straight seconds, and then the 126 photos that piled up in the buffer take about 45 seconds to write to the SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I 32GB SDHC card. See also: Best memory cards for Sony a7 III.

Sony a7 III and a7R III both have a burst speed of up to 10 frames per second for both RAW and JPEG photos. But the a7R III is limited to firing off 76 photos before the buffer needs some time to clear, whereas the a7 III can capture up to 89 RAW photos or 177 JPEGs before pausing to catch its breath.

via: PP

  • Jerry Suppan

    Will have to test this out. Just picked up my A7-III a couple hours ago.

  • Gerardo Enrique Soto

    But those images are JPGS not Raw images and if it shot 10 frames PS for 25 seconds it ended whit only 160? Not that it’s bad I’m interested in that camera but the numbers don’t add up

    • Michael Flores

      It took about 42 seconds to write 126 photos. That’s about 3 photos per second. It’s continually writing as you shoot, so the 25 seconds it’s shooting it’s also writing. That makes about 75. Add that to 126 and you have 201. Still not 250 frames, but closer.

      • Gerardo Enrique Soto

        Thanks that makes sense thanks a lot