Top 10 Features Expect from Upcoming Sony a7 III, Coming in 2017 ?


The Sony Alpha a7 III is expected to be announced sometime in 2017, before the announcement of a7R III and a7S III mirrorless cameras. The price for Sony a7 III will be a little more expensive than currently a7 II.

ilovehatephoto has posted their expect of top 10 features of Sony Alpha a7 III mirrorless camera. You can see a brief detail below:

  • The body should remain subsequently identical
  • The dial wheel might be switched to a joystick or just be a little bigger
  • The screen should remain the same but become a touch screen
  • The EVF might feature the same magnification size as the a7R II‘s (0.78x) but without the T* coating.
  • The AF system should be about the same as the a7R II or with the new 4D system
  • The battery life remains a big question.
  • The Sensor resolution might be the same but with better ISO performance and maybe a back-illuminated structure
  • New BIONZ image processor, faster, with better noise control and better burst rate (7 i/s? currently at 5 i/s)
  • Silent shutter mode? Likely, yes.
  • A GPS is not likely to appear, it would consume too much battery life

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  • Alex Bueno

    Maybe this post is old,..but,…it will be a piece of crap comparing with the a6500 then…

  • My wishlist for the upcoming A7 III (hope Sony guys read this):
    – Fully articulating Touch screen (touch not only for focusing but also in the menus).
    – option to choose the focusing speed for push/pull in videos
    – SD card slot on the side
    – Dials! Sony please! Customisable dials!
    – More simple menus
    – 4k? I don’t mind… For me it’s only a hassle to deal with large files. It would be better if they put a full sensor readout and do downsampling from 4k to 1080 in camera.
    – High frame rates, high write speeds
    – mic AND headphone jack slots
    – Bigger battery more durable battery (it’s useless a lighter body if I have to take with me 10 or more batteries and have to deal with charging them)
    – obviously IBIS and low light capabilities as the previous model

    If they put all this in the next camera I’ll buy it even if it’ll be double the price of the A7 mk2 at launch. If not, then I’ll have to switch to canon, instead of upgrading my a6000 in the same system. For me it’s better less specs and more ease of use. I would like to have fun with my camera, not to fight with it.