Sony a7R III Live Stream Event at B&H Photo Begins Today at 12:30pm ET

B&H Photo Video today has a live stream event for recently released Sony a7R III full frame mirrorless camera. The live event will begin at 12:30pm ET. You can watch the full video above.

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Sony a7R III Pixel Shift Mode Has Over 1 Stop Dynamic Range Increased !

a7r iii pixel shift mode

According to Photons to Photos, they posted a special edition chart for the new Sony a7R III‘s pixel shift mode compared to regular a7R III chart. In pixel shift mode, a7R III has over one stop overall dynamic range increased.

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Sony a7R III Has Same DxOMark as Nikon D850 Scored for 100


DxOMark has just tested the new Sony a7R III‘s (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama/Focus Camera) image sensor today. According to the test result, a7R III sensor score is same as currently best DSLR camera Nikon D850‘s sensor. Both are scored for 100.

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Sony a7R III Review at dpreview: 90% Gold Award (Second Best Camera Ever)

sony a7r iii

The new announced Sony a7R III (Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama/Focus Camera) now reviewed by dpreview, according to dpreview overall score, Sony a7R III is the second best camera just after Nikon D500, same score as a7R II and Nikon D750.

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Amazon Top 7 Best Selling Mirrorless Cameras are all from Sony !

best mirrorless camera amazon

With the release of Sony Black Friday deals yesterday, it seems that Sony’s mirrorless cameras are sold very well now, according to Amazon Best selling rank in mirrorless cameras, top 7 mirrorless cameras are all from Sony now, they are a6000, a7R III, a6500, a6300, a7R II.

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Sony Japan: a7R III is in Short Supply ! (Pre-orders Far Exceed Company’s Forecast)

sony a7R III

According to Sony Japan, the recently announced Sony a7R III (Amazon/B&H/Adorama/FocusCamera) full frame mirrorless camera is in short supply,the availability of Sony a7R III is very low. Sony Japan said the pre-orders are far exceed the company’s forecast, pre-orders will be delivered sequentially by the beginning of December (Release Date in US is November 30th). It seems Sony a7R III is also a best selling camera like Nikon D850 (Still out of stock everywhere).

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Sony a7R III Already In Stock in Europe

The new announced Sony a7R III (Amazon/B&H/Adorama/Focus Camera) now also in stock in some Europe online stores. This is first in stock in Europe after Sony shipping a7R III in China. Currently, a7R III is in stock at PCH Store. You can also pre-order a7R III at Wex UK, Jessops and other Europe Store, all will shipping next week.

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