Sony to Announce Two New Full Frame Sensors for a7SIII and a7R IV/a9R

According to latest rumors from SAR, Sony will soon announce two new full frame 16bit sensors. These sensors are rumored for the upcoming Sony a7S III and Sony a7R IV/a9R.

Full Frame Sensor 1: (Could be for Sony a7R IV or a9R)

  • 60MP
  • 16 channels (which is crazy, normally it should be 8),
  • 4.6FPS@16bit
  • 12FPS@14bit
  • 8K30P@12bit
  • 8K60p@10bit
  • 4K60p@12bit
  • FHD300P@10bit

Full Frame Sensor 2: (Could be for Sony a7S III or a7 IV)

  • 36MP
  • 10FPS@16bit
  • 60FPS@10bit
  • on-chip PDAF

Some more info about these two sensors:

1: Weighted pixel binning: improve the image quality when shooting videos with pixel binning. Already featured in a lot of Sony sensors.
2: A new dual-gain ADC mode: improve the dynamic range by almost 2 stops. The sensor loses 50% speed when using it. Details not known yet. Already in X-T3’s sensor.
3: Digital Overlap HDR (DOL-HDR): It’s like bracketing, but you can shoot 2 frames almost at the same time! (The minimum time interval is only 1/6000 seconds). All the new sensors with 3.76um pixel size have this function.
via: SAR
  • Karina A. Iglesias

    Yup, I’m returning my Sony 7III!!!

  • Claude B.

    Nikon and Canon will notice Sony won’t still sit with the huge advance in Mirorless.

  • Marc P.

    Totally mind-less, Sony would not bring 36 MP to the S-Version of their A7 Series, the A7S I&II Series are that one, with the latest MP for enhanced LowLight Photography – 36 MP is A7R Mark I & A99 Spec. FYI, both A7S are with 12 MP only. These Sensors might being seen into Cameras within the next 2-4 years, perhaps..but Sony Semiconductor Imaging Group is totally different from Sony Corp. They do sell them to anybody.

  • When do you think these would be released?