Sony Registered a new Camera Code “WW173777”, a7III or new RX Compact Cameras ?

sony ww173777

Japanese website NokishitaCamera just add a new Sony camera code “WW173777”, along with previous unannounced camera code “WW620081“.

According to previous rumors, Sony will announce new a7III in this Fall, and new RX compact cameras in Summer. So “WW173777” and “WW620081” could be these rumored cameras.

You can take a look at already released camera code names:

  • a9: WW361847
  • a7R II: WW325951, a7S II: WW898259, a7 II: WW328278
  • a7R: WW328261, a7S: WW328274, a7: WW328262
  • a6500: WW213019, a6300: WW906746
  • a99 II: WW067022
  • RX1R II : WW843944
  • RX10 III: WW411000, RX10 II: WW136512, RX10: WW808143
  • RX100 V: WW605351, RX100 IV: WW481040, RX100 III: WW808161

Below is a list of cameras could be announced next:

via: NokishitaCamera