Sony Manager Said They will Also Consider f/1.2 Prime Lenses if There is a Market

In a recently interview by Amateurphotographer about recently released Sony a7R IV (B&H Photo Video/Adorama/Amazon), Sony manager said that they are also consider f/1.2 prime lenses if there is a market for these kinds of lenses.

From Amateurphotographer:

Finally, a word about lenses. Sigma has an f/1.2 prime for Sony that is faster than anything in Sony’s own range. Do you see a commercial demand for lenses that fast?
At the moment we have 34 full-frame lenses, covering a wide variety of sizes. There are plenty of fast lenses to choose from, including the 35mm f/1.4, but if there seems to be a market for an f/1.2 lens we will certainly consider it. We’re also keen to keep our lenses relatively compact and affordable.

The new Sony Alpha 7R IV has a 61Mp chip. Are we getting close to the maximum number of photosites that can be fitted onto a full frame sensor?
So while we can’t talk about our future sensor plans as the leading manufacturer, we can say we are continuously seeking to improve and stretch the boundaries. A few years ago, people were getting excited about 24Mp sensors, now we have 61Mp. But it’s not just the sensors we are innovating with, there is also our back-illumination technology. The Alpha 7R Mark II was the first camera to feature such a back-illuminated sensor, offering high resolution without compromising on dynamic range or low-light ISO performance. Also, people say the Alpha 7R IV ‘only’ has the same 10fps continuous shooting performance as its predecessor, but it’s delivering this with 61Mp, which is revolutionary!