Sony Announcement on October 18th (Sony FS5 Mark II or Sony a7SIII ?)

sony nab show october 18

Sony will have an announcement on October 18th, 2017, at NAB Show in New York. This Nab Show in New York is marked as “Media in Action”. This means Sony will announce a new video related camera or camcorder.

Currently, Sony a7SIII and Sony FS5 Mark II are in the to be updated list, as they are both video related products. My guess is that Sony FS5 Mark II is the most likely to be announced at this NAB Show in New York. While Sony a7SIII is likely to be announced in 2018, after announcement of Sony a7III.

Sony will also have another announcement for Sony RX100M6 compact camera in next few weeks.

via: NABShowNY