Sony a7S III Rumored to be Announced Around Photokina 2018

sony a7s ii

After Sony has announced the new a7 III (Adorama/B&H/Amazon) full frame mirrorless camera, now next full frame mirrorless camera from Sony should be Sony a7S III, to replace current a7S II. According to our source, Sony a7S III is rumored to be announced in the second half of 2018, around Photokina in September.

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Currently, there is no specs leaked yet about Sony a7SIII, below is wish list of Sony a7SIII:

  • 6K capable image processor and codec to maximise use of 24MP 6K stacked CMOS sensor
  • Cinema 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) like GH5
  • S-LOG and picture profiles, possibly revised and new HDR gamma curve added for their new TVs
  • 10bit codec like GH5
  • Bigger battery and more power efficient sensor and LSI
  • Better haptic feedback from the body controls and dials
  • Better placement of video record button, addition of joystick
  • Like on a Canon DSLR, the body surface drops away around important controls like rear jog-dial, which is now raised up for a more tactile feel
  • Better menus with video options separated from stills menus
  • Vastly reduced rolling shutter from faster sensor

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  • Auroz

    Please no. I hope they announce it during NAB Show.

    • Tyler James Dugoni

      They will. It’s coming early June. 100%

      • me

        So much for that bet.

    • Austin

      They have the biggest booth at NAB so methinks something is coming (hopefully unexpectedly, another pleasant surprise would be nice).

  • rhymeswithpulverine

    NAB show makes more sense for a video centric camera, but whatever. Blackmagic pocket mkII then…

  • Wanja Gayk

    The things I expect from an A7sIII are not centered around video, but low light, flashless photography in busy environments:
    1. Faster Autofocus
    2. No more Star Eater
    3. Longer battery life
    4. 2nd card slot for redundancy (professional photographers will require it).
    5. Crazy high native ISO with high dynamic range.

    • Austin

      You can bet money on every one of these features except for Star Eater. Body will be identical to a7III and a7rIII, which means better battery life and dual SD card slots. Faster, phase-detect video and photo autofocus is something they’d better implement if they want to make this camera any good.

  • Brandon J. Moye

    Um. 4K 60fps?

    • Austin

      Right? I think it’s safe to assume it will feature 4k/60 as we already have good 4k/30 from like 10 other cameras. This one being video-centered has always had features and framerates that a7 and a7r don’t, so I think we can expect 4k/60 and 1080/180-240 full-frame.

  • Paul Demontez

    If it will be that long, then you can bet they’re panning something big.
    They’ve made a big thing about the A7 and A7r3, creating events to
    showcase the strengths of the cameras. I think at photokina ( or a
    little earlier )you can expect something similar. They never waited
    this long before between A7 releases ( usually it’s 3 months between
    them )and I think the long wait for the A7s3 highlights something key –
    it’s going to be big. Usually when companies do this, it’s down to
    testing and ironing out issues with the product and that with a camera
    like the A7s3, is likely to be heat. Probably from a 4k 60p codec and
    1080p 960fps ( or a little lower ) sensor. You’ve only got to look at
    what samsung and the sony xperia phones are offering to see Sony’s
    thinking in terms of video tech. With this camera being aimed more
    towards the video market, it’d make sense to make those options
    available in the new a7s3 and it’d be a feature that’d set it aside from the rest of its A7 range and other competitors. I am however skeptical that it’ll be a 10bit
    codec. If they do offer it in the a7s3, it’ll likely only be at 1080p up to 60p, I
    think they’ll save 4k 60p 10bit for the new FS5 mkii.

  • andrew

    at least 800Mbps 10bit, if not I’ll stick with the 1dxii or move up to canon c300ii

    • Harold IV

      There is practically no chance of that so you may as well get your other cameras

  • M N

    One thing for sure .. there will be one or a couple of BIG disappointments . I can hear the “Oh SONY :why didn’t you include” …. (enter feature here) care to guess what the badly wanted but missing feature will be , now that the A&III is out? ( probably NOT 10bit) I will STILL want to buy it because it will have better low light than the A7III ( which I am going to go ahead and buy cause I can’t wait )

  • pop

    They won’t put the 24 mega pixel sensor for the 3rd gen “S” model. The old resolution still enough and definitely enhanceble. The button layout is difficult to distinct from their 3rd gen sibling. This is the era of cost efficiency and Sony won’t be derail.