Sony a7R III Has No Star Eater Issue According to Timelapse Cinematographer

sony a7r iii no star eater issue

According Timelapse Cinematographer Drew Geraci on Facebook, the new announced a7R III (Amazon/B&H/Adorama/Focus Camera) has no star eater issue. He posted on Facebook said that:

Very Excited to share this side by side comparison of the A7RIII (full production model) shooting Astrophotography at 3.2″ and 10″ at ISO 12,800 utilizing the Sony 16-35mm GM lens. As you can see in the side by side comparison, with ALL noise reduction turned off in the main menu, you can easily see that all stars are present and accounted for when blown up at 100% resolution. The star-eater is no more.

Download RAW images here:…/ejyad8…/AAApFpv-kmRWfslWZ0-69awRa…

Password: star

Seems that Sony has resolved star eater issue in their new Sony a7R III, maybe soon will be see firmware updates for a9 & a7 series for resolved this issue.

via: SAR

  • Fred

    Hope this is true, but we should refrain from claiming victory ! The test does not adress Bulb mode nor exposures greater than 10 seconds…

    The petition is still ongoing :

    Sony SHALL also adress this issue on earlier versions of A7/A7S/A7R cameras. They cost so much that not solving the issue would be a proof that Sony do not take any consideration to their clients.