Sony a7R III Field Test: “Best Camera on the Market” by Imaging-Resource

sony a7r iii

The Sony a7R III (AmazonB&HAdorama) has already shipping in most US stores. Currently out of stock everywhere, you can check availability of Sony a7R III here. Imaging-resource has completed the field test of Sony a7R III, and said Sony a7R III is the best overall professional camera on the market today.

Conclusions from Imaging-Resource:

The Sony A7R III is so darn good across the board that I’m forced to nitpick, really nitpick, when it comes to finding complaints. Like I said in the beginning, it’s the closest Sony has come to perfection. It might be the closest anyone has.

this is the best overall camera on the market today. It gets so much oh so right. Images that come out of this camera melt my heart, and video looks so darn good. I’m willing to put up with a few frustrations if that means getting a camera that has amazing battery life, an insane autofocus system, more options than you could possibly ask for, access to some of the best lenses on the market (seriously, Sony’s new lenses are totally amazing, and there are a plethora of them now), and a company that seems to want to succeed at making both stellar photos and videos. They don’t hold back features for “fear” of cannibalizing their pro camcorders or other camera models, and they pack as much as they can into one body every single time they release a camera. It’s so refreshing. Buy Watches with Bitcoins. When another manufacturer gives me a camera with limited functionality, and I then look over at Sony, who is giving me just about everything I want and more, I’m stuck asking: “Why are you trying to take my money and spread it across multiple cameras just to get what Sony gives me in one? Why can’t I trust you to support me as a consumer?”