Sony a7R III Dynamic Range Chart Posted at PhotonstoPhotos (Vs. D850, 5D Mark IV, a7R II)

a7r iii vs d850 vs 5d iv

Photons to Photos has posted the first dynamic range chart of new announced Sony a7R III (Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Adorama). Note, this is preliminary report, final result will be posted later. According to this chart, a7R III has similar DR result as a7R II, while has better DR range than Nikon D850 (Amazon/B&H/Adorama) and Canon 5D Mark IV (Amazon/B&H/Adorama) at high ISO range.

You can click the images to see large size.

a7r iii vs a7r ii

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  • photon_trap

    Bahahaha ! Give ’em ur money fools!

    • …and whom did you give yours, hm?

      • photon_trap

        Any company with customer service and worthy firmware updates instead of forcing people to buy a new camera every 6 months for the latest and greatest (or repairs) ie: Fujifilm for one example. AND I’ll bet you can’t pick the FF crop image out of a lineup 3 out of 5x if ur hung up on that. I speak as a Sony owner who has experienced these things first hand. Good luck my friend.

        • Oh. I am PENTAX fan (Fuji was my 1st camera, x100 second, later only pentax), nice to meet you. I read lots of bad things about Sony… Yet I am so close of getting a7s for videos mainly… Things like of which you are speaking are just purely driving me away from pulling the trigger… I hope they will suffer some major loss so they start respecting their customer base…

          • photon_trap

            After seeing them confirm their acknowledgment of serious firmware issues with the a7s (obviously a low light specific body) and completely disregard the petitioning of hundreds in the astrophotographic imaging community (for years now), despite literally crippling the cameras of soo many who unknowingly performed a firmware update, (google “sony star eater” ) I have zero expectation your wish will come true tgchan. Regrettably, I now see the big picture with regard to their philosophy. Good luck.