Sony a6500 Reviewed by Patrick: An a6300 on Steroids !


The Sony Alpha a6500 (B&H/Adorama/Amazon) now already reviewed by Patrick Murphy-Racey, who is the one of two very fortunate photographers in the USA that got to shoot the Sony a6500 for almost three weeks prior to the launch on October 7th.

From Patrick Murphy-Racey:

The verdict?  The A6500 is a miniature BEAST of a camera, extremely responsive, fast in every way, and perfect for shooting sports.  To use an old car term, it’s “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  It is by far the best sports action E-Mount camera Sony has made to date.

The A6500 feels much like those high end cameras of today that cost $6,000 each.  It has a high frame rate, big buffer, great image quality, and shoots when you want it to.  Add awesome 4K for video, tons of real audio solutions, IBIS, and all in a tiny package just a bit larger than a pack of cigarettes and weighing in under a pound with a battery and card inside?  It’s crazy.

And Patrick Murphy-Racey also made some hopes of upcoming products from Sony:

1.  A full-frame A7 series camera with the chops of the A6500.  Speed, high frame rate, 4D focus. Note: This could be the rumored Sony Alpha a9.
2.  A vertical grip for the A6500 and future FF camera with more than one back button for AF.
3.  An AF management custom function similar to Canon’s “Case” system.
4.  In order, FE 300mm f/4G SSM, FE 135mm f/1.8 GM SSM, FE 300mm f/2.8G SSM, FE 400mm f/2.8G SSM, FE 200-500mm f/5.6G SSM, FE 600mm f/4G SSM, FE 200mm f/2G SSM, FE 200-400mm f/4G SSM, FE 500mm f/4G SSM
5.  A “real” 4-AA TTL flash made by Sony with built-in radio trigger system.
6.  1/250th sync for flash AC powered units
7.  XQD cards Please (this will only allow a faster through-put).
8.  An even shorter shutter lag time, 240 fps 4K EVF. 20 fps motor drive.
9.  A larger body with a new battery and bigger buttons.
10. The ability to store all custom functions on SD cards and e-mail them to share with others.