Samyang/Rokinon AF 85mm f/1.4 FE Lens Announced !

Rokinon today has officially announced the new Samyang AF 85mm f/1.4 FE lens for Sony full frame mirrorless cameras. US price is not available yet, you can check pre-order options at B&H Photo/Adorama.

Press Text:

Optical performance, the original attraction of photography that describes sensitivity beyond that

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The AF85mm f / 1.4 FE lens incorporates world-class optical technology that Samyan has aimed for, and a vision for further leaping, and you can experience fast and accurate AF performance and excellent resolution. Among all 11 lenses, the high refractive (HR) lens used as a special lens achieved compact size and high resolution simultaneously. In addition, a vivid design with a low dispersion lens finished Achromat design effectively corrects the chromatic aberration and minimizes the color bleeding phenomenon at the periphery, a dynamic photo can be obtained.

  • Excellent depiction even at maximum opening

    AF 85mm F1.4 FE realizes high resolution from the central part to the peripheral part by the optical design that minimizes various aberrations. The delicate image quality supports the latest high pixel camera and produces the highest image quality, and exhibits excellent performance in indoor and outdoor shooting in general.

  • Smooth light ball

    The smooth blur that comes from the finely polished lens gives the photos a space speciality. And nine diaphragms that can be controlled quickly provide natural original blur in any illumination environment. The blur created by making use of various technologies makes it possible to create unique effects in shooting people and short-distance still life.

  • Shallow depth representation and smooth background blur

    The quasi-telephoto optical system made to the large aperture of maximum aperture F 1.4 enables the shallow depth expression which can not be seen with a normal lens. Since the depth can be freely adjusted while maintaining a proper distance from the subject, it provides an impressive visual effect with a deep separation while balancing the subject and the background well.

  • Suppression of chromatic aberration using low dispersion lens (ED)

    The AF 85 mm f / 1.4 optical system consists of 11 lenses, and low dispersion lenses (EDs) are manufactured with precise Achromat design. This design provides high quality pictures with chromatic aberration offset correction and reduced color fringing at the image edges.

  • Achieve a dense optical system using a high refractive lens

    Four specially-designed HR lenses with excellent refractive index improve optical performance and enable compact optical design. The AF 85mm F1.4 FE, which was born with these technologies, reduces the burden on the photographer with a short overall length and compact size compared to other lenses.

    • Comfortable and fast AF using DLSM

      DLSM (Dual Linear Sonic Motor) is quiet because it operates on Ultra Sonic Wave, which is inaudible to humans, and the precise high frequency signal controlled by Samyan’s proprietary protocol manipulates LSM precisely. Collaborative research by experts in the fields of optics, mechanical engineering and electronics, the first 85mm DLSM, which can not be seen with conventional quasi-telephoto lenses, captures subjects comfortably and quietly with strong torque.

    • Weather sealing design to cope with bad weather

      There are only three gaps in the precision machined aluminum body considered in the basic design of the lens by a mechanical engineering specialist. The weather seal, which also covers the small gaps, blocks external dust and moisture, effectively protecting the lens. This protective device helps ensure that the moment of the moment is not missed in any outdoor environment, making it more reliable for shooting.

    • Excellent contrast with UMC coating

      After extensive cleaning, Samyan’s proprietary UMC coating, manufactured by Ion-Beam Sputtering (IBS), provides high transmission to the lens and minimizes diffuse reflections. This UMC coating reduces the reflectance of the lens to suppress ghosting and flare phenomena in high contrast shooting environments such as backlighting and night scenes, and provides clear images.

    • Small and lightweight design compared to the conventional 85mm F1.4 lens

      AF 85mm F1.4 FE is a large aperture quasi-telephoto lens which can satisfy both size and weight by precise design of compact optical system and light aluminum body. This is a merit that improves mobility and portability at the shooting site.