Rumors: Sony is Developing a new 36MP APS-C CMOS Sensor

sony image sensor

A source just told us that Sony is developing a new 36MP APS-C CMOS sensor. This new APS-C image sensor may use on upcoming Sony APS-C mirrorless camera, such as Sony a6700, or upcoming RX compact cameras, such as RX100 VI & RX10 IV.

The Sony RX100 VI and RX10 IV are expected to be announced in next several months this year. Currently, there is still no rumored specs about RX100 VI and RX10 IV compact cameras. In March, 2017, a new Sony camera code WW620081 was registered. And in late May, Sony China also posted a new camera teaser that hasn’t announced yet, stay tuned for more info.

  • Gergö Nyirö

    In future RX cameras? those are 1″,
    I don’t think they would step up to aps-c with those..

  • Wow!

  • David Burckhard

    For an APS-C sized sensor, serious shooters aren’t looking for more resolution as they are better handling of dynamic range and increased low-light performance. Pros would already be using full-frame cameras for the resolution they need beyond 24 megapixels but professionals using APS-C cameras aren’t doing so for more pixels but because other considerations don’t make a full-frame size camera viable. For instance, outdoor, travel, and intense back-packing, especially while in groups or leading groups may prevent or make full-frame shooting difficult or impossible whereas a smaller and/or lighter APS-C camera, especially mirrorless, may make more sense and with better low-light performance, may be every bit as publishable.

  • 009

    Its about time SONY remove useless functions from cameras, I mean who use toycamera..