Rumors: Sony a9 (New Flagship E-mount) Has “Fast Speed, High ISO, Fast FPS and Low Megapixels”


Here are more info about Sony’s upcoming full frame flagship E-mount mirrorless camera “Sony Alpha a9“. According to SAR, trusted source told that “Sony Alpha a9” will feature Fast auto focus speed, high ISO range, Fast FPS, while megapixels will not be very high.

The new flagship e-mount mirrorless camera will above than current a7R II, according to rumors, the “Sony a9” will be announced in 1 to 2 months from now.

There are already some rumored specs of Sony Alpha a9, see below:

  • Fasr Auto Focus Speed
  • High ISO range
  • Very fast FPS
  • Low megapixels
  • Unlimited RAW burst
  • Prototype already in testing
  • Slightly large than Sony a7RII
  • No Built-in Battery Grip
  • Dual card slots
  • Joystick for autofocus point moving
  • Announcement could be in 2017
  • Launch price around $6,000

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via: SAR

  • foto2021

    Every A9 rumor so far has suggested a 72 MP sensor.

    What happened?

    • Sanity… they wanted to actually sell the camera.. i bought 2 and wouldn’t have bought a one if they were anywhere over 28Meg, and less is better.

  • Jérôme Jheelan

    6k$ is a deal breaker hope it won’t come to that^^

  • They kinda lead the price… me likey… and w the new Nikon/Canon Mirrorless out there, even more reason to keep up the price and model release schedule pressure…