Rumors: Sony a7S III to Feature with Global Shutter Sensor, 4K&60P, Coming Later 2019 ?

Just another rumors about long awaited Sony a7S III full frame mirrorless camera. According to latest source from web, the upcoming Sony a7S III is rumored to be announced in the second half of 2019, around September-October, 2019. Sony executives already said that a7S III need times at Photokina 2018 last year.

Rumors said that Sony a7S III will have great innovation and changes. Could be feature with new Global Shutter CMOS Sensor, 4K video at 60p, HDR Video and more.

via: SAR

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  • D700guy

    Its pathetic that it took Sony a year longer than any of the other camera manufacturers to release a camera that can shoot 4k @ 60fps. Panasonic and Canon are kicking Sony’s ass. Its been all I can do to not buy a GS5

  • Brandon Wood

    You guys seem to be all over the map with regard to when this is actually coming out. Are these timeframes solely predictions and not real intel?

  • At least those specs are finally starting to make sense. Previously it was speculation about 6K or 8K and big pixel count sensors. None of that made any sense. 4K/60p, HDR, and global shutter are in line with reality. I’m still waiting for more latitude in the image: 4:2:2 and/or 10-bit video. These cameras all look great if you nail the exposure and white balance. If not, then you’re screwed trying to color grade.

  • Duminda Jayasena

    Well, %&^* it. I being following this enthusiastically for months now. I’m gonna by the Lumix S1.
    At this point, (other than specific Sony qualities), waiting for this is only worth if it’s going to be 8K. Then again, only less than 0.5% of the world would watch a video in 8K. So I think I’m done with A7SIII.

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