Next Sony Announcement Ahead of CP+ Show & WPPI 2019 (No a7S III or a7000)

After Sony a6400 (B&H PhotoAdoramaAmazon) announced in the mid January, next announcement from Sony is expected in middle or late February, just ahead of two large shows: CP+ Show 2019 (February 28th to March 3rd) and WPPI 2019 (February 27th to March 1st).

Since currently there is no new camera codes registered yet, so it is unlikely we see a new camera announcement (Which means there will be no a7S III & a7000 or other Sony cameras within 1-2 months). The possible announcement could for new lenses, below are a list of rumored Sony lenses:

  • medymed 888

    Lol..this a7siii rumor is getting old! Just release it already!

    • warcoming

      Yeah. This has been going on for a while now. Getting kinda lame and boring if you ask me.

  • kokak

    My bet is that Sony is really having tough problems coming up with another groundbreaking full frame at “affordable” price point. There was very high expectation (4k/8K? at 60p/480p?, 10-bit? all in FF) and technically it would be quite a feat delivering even just some of those.

    • daveinpublic

      Ya they’re probably trying to wait until they have something significantly better than the current full frame competition. But it looks like they just registered for a new code or something, so it’s possible it gets announced at one of these next 2 shows.