New Sony Interview Talks about a7R III’s Size, Megapixel and Upcoming APS-C, 1″ Cameras


Imaging-Resource has posted an interview with Sony managers. Talking about recently announced Sony a7R III (Amazon/B&H/Adorama/Focus Camera) mirrorless camera, and about upcoming Sony products and Sony Pro support. The interview is very long, you can take a look here.

Below are summary of interview:

About a7R III:

Because we want to hear customer’s the voice. So once we launched Alpha 7R Mark II… of course, even before we launch Mark II we heard a lot of voices of customers, but when we had that model, then we need to get the feedback from customers for what we should do for third generation. And surprisingly, when we have that kind of information, yes, some customers want even higher megapixels. But a majority of customers requested different areas of development such as longer battery life, for instance…

or faster autofocus, or even the picture quality in low-light conditions. So considering that kind of feedback, we decided which way we should go for the third generation, based upon the customers of our Alpha 7R-series.

So those wider range of customers include male, female, young, senior… a lot of customers. So basically those wider range of customers prefer smaller, lighter body. Also most of the customers appreciated or valued the size of A7R series, Mark I, Mark II. Therefore rather than making the body bigger with a new, bigger battery, we made a huge effort to maintain body size even with bigger battery.

About upcoming APS-C, 1″ sensor cameras:

Yes, from the engineering point of view, we study and consider how to improve the dynamic range for several image sensors, not only the full-frame and APS-C but also the one-inch. But even if that is technically possible, we need to make some balance between dynamic range or resolution or other aspect of the picture quality, so we need to consider that way to make something final.

You can read full interview here.