New Sony Camera WW771132 Confirmed ! a7S III or a6700 or RX100 VI ?


Finally, a new Sony camera code WW771132 got registered in China. This means a new Sony camera will be officially announced within 3 months. Currently, there are several rumored Sony cameras to be announced next, see the detail below:

via: NokishitaCamera

  • Marcos Gomes

    The 77 is for a77iii just saying lol

    Actually my guess is either the a6700 or the a7siii. I think the a77iii will be released by the end of the year.

  • Marcos Gomes

    I don’t think it’s the a7siii because it would be bad for the a7iii sales. So it might be the a6700. But the video guys are going from the a6500 to the a7iii. So this might drop the a7iii sales as well.

    Then there is a bigger chance for either the a77iii or the rx100vi