New Rumored Specs of Upcoming Sony a7R III

sony a7r ii

The Sony a7R III full frame mirrorless camera is rumored to be announced in 2017. a7R III will replace current a7R II, while a new flagship Sony Alpha a9 is also rumored to release in 2017. A new source has send us a list of rumored specs of Sony a7R III, just take with a grain of salt.

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  • 42mp
  • Improve sensor stabilizer
  • High resolution and Faster view finder
  • Faster and Softer Focus and All-Phase detection +hybrid focus
  • 399 AF point + 99 Cross Type
  • 4K (4096 x 2160) Video Record 24/25/30/60fps +Full HD 240fps Raw
  • 6K Photo Mode
  • Better RGB metering sensor resolution
  • Cinematic options slog-3 / slog-2 Gamut and etc…
  • Better and faster live view and focus All-phase detection (touching)
  • ISO 50-256000 (noise reduce) 100-64000
  • AA Filter Simulator – change on/off for reduce moiré & Sharper
  • Continuous shooting 10fps (With Big Buffer RAW)
  • GPS + Wi-Fi + NFC
  • Time-lapse Recording
  • Increase Battery life (better technology)
  • Better and faster focus tracking
  • Focus Bracketing
  • Focus Stacking
  • Post Focus Mode
  • Pixel shift high resolution mode up 80mp
  • Dynamic Range 15+
  • illuminated Buttons
  • User-friendly Menu and buttons
  • 2 Slot Card (CF)
  • Color depth 26 bit
  • Updated connection USB 3.0
  • High Quality and improve sealed body + full magnesium alloy

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  • Teddie

    interesting may have to swap for one…

  • -bilal

    Color depth 26 bit???!!!???

    • Joonast

      Interesting. I don’t understand what is the point of 16bit vs 14bit. If I can’t see the difference there, how am I supposed to see the difference in 26 bit? Maybe it’s just what the sensor is able to do.

      • Søren Hejnfelt

        I can show you 🙂

        This image is possible due to level of information in 14bit RAW. If I had 16bit or omg 26bit!!! I could do so much more with this image.

        • Joonast

          I would say that this is more do to DR. 14 bit has already enough tonal values to use the whole DR of the sensor.

          It might make sense to to go over 16 bit if the DR of our Displays start to be the same as human vision, but unlikely. There would be more distance to fill with tones in HDR displays. But 16 bit is allready alot more than needed. our current displays are 8bit and have about 6-7 stops of DR. If we would say that we would some day have displays with 28 stops of DR that’s four time the distance, so to fill that up with the same precision that we can fill our current 8bit displays would need 10bit material.

          I might be wrong. Maybe there is some benefit to having 26 bit source files. It would be nice to someone to explain it to me in theory.

          • Søren Hejnfelt

            Yes and no. If looking strictly at the colors, this image is shot at 1/6000s and obviously is quite dark. The original sky colors are a sort of green/yellowish as the sun goes through the atmosphere at an extreme angle. With 26bit, I could boost certain colors much more accurately achieving a rich blend of ALL colors from the orange sun to the teal sky.

            The thing about bit depth is that it allows you to dive into the source material and stretch specific data ranges from extremely narrow to very wide exactly BECAUSE of the lacking monitor capabilities you mention. As most images today are output in 8bit jpg files, you can take your narrow 26bit colors and stretch them extremely far while still achieving a pleasant result after jpg compression because the stretched data range only has to fill the 8bit space.

  • Jose Diaz

    I thought this was yet another wishlist from some gear head, but many of those specs are plausible. The seemingly impossible 10fps with 42mp has been proven possible thanks to the a99ii.

    • Dirque Leyr

      I knew this was a wishlist when I read:
      “User-friendly Menu and buttons”

  • Travis Keyes

    why cant they put in a touch screen and or a joystick for focus?!!?!?!??!

  • Khalid Aziz
    I have seen this on Casey Neistat’s Vlog today. Usually he is using a Canon and he doesn’t cover it with black tape 😉

    • Not quite correct. Casey covers all his cameras with black tape. He mentioned he is using a a7sII

  • With those specs Sony Expect its a7RIII to burst into flame in less than 20 minutes, but thanks god Sony implemented a new security feature to avoid this very problem with batteries that won’t last more than 15 minutes…

  • 黒川 ジェーイソン

    OK you totally lost me at duel CF… pretty much punches a whole in the credibility of the whole post.

  • Dhruv Narang

    I sill buy if they put 2 card slots.

  • Sony just put out a Video 10 days ago, without mentioning a specific Camera: – the Stacked CMOS Sensor may come to the A7 Lineup.

  • sonycameraengineer

    26-bit color depth and dual CF slots???? hahahaha!

  • vibe

    Color depth 26 bit? Hmmm……