Interview with Sigma: Making First FE Lens (New Optical Design) Need About Two Years


As rumored before, Sigma is planning on release their native full frame E-mount lenses for the Sony full frame mirrorless cameras. According to recently interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki by Imaging resource, Sigma has confirmed that they are working on new Sigma FE lenses, Kazuto Yamaki said that making a first FE lens is not easy, it need at least two years to develop it, and all new Sigma FE lenses will have brand new optical designs.

From Imaging Resource:

KY: Moving forward, we will develop more E-mount native lenses.

KY: It takes about two years to develop one lens from the beginning, so even if we started to bring now, this lens will come out two years later.

KY: The glass has to sit in the exactly the same location. It’s possible to make the native E-mount [lens] using the existing glass, but all of our existing lens is not designed for mirrorless.

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