Interview: Sony a7S III is Still Not Ready Due to Tech Reasons, a6500 Successor (a7000) Coming in Near Future

Russian website has made a exclusive interview with Sony Managers. They told us that Sony a7S III is still not ready due to some tech reasons, and we can also expect the Sony a6500 successor (a7000) to be announced in near future.

Translated from

In order for this camera to become as popular and breakthrough as the A7S and A7SII, serious fundamental improvements must be added to it. My personal opinion is that not all technologies are ready for this. What can be improved in comparison with A7SII?

You can improve the resolution and video detail. Develop 4K format or go to the next level.

This story requires the transfer of a huge amount of information – you need to take into account the power of the processor, and the capabilities of memory cards – you can make a camera that allows you to record 8K, but how to save this video? Either some devices fence around the camera as external invaders, or allow the camera to record inside. And I think that first of all videographers need exactly the maximum compactness and convenience.Now technologies of media and memory cards are developing – in the near future we will see certain breakthroughs both in speed and volume.

From this we can assume that there will be a further development of the A6500 line.

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  • I hope Sony’s idea of innovation is not a crippleware 8K A7S III. I’m looking for:

    * global shutter (no rolling shutter)
    * 4:2:2 colour space in 4K
    * 10bit colour

    I don’t need more resolution than the A7 III: 24 MB is perfect for stills. I don’t need or want to have to use an external recorder to get high quality video (I’d buy a video camera if that’s what I wanted). I certainly don’t want 8K at the expense of rich and gradable colour in 4K.

    • Edward Boettcher

      I agree Alec, those specs would suit me as well. I would also like an anamorphic crop. As it stands now, if this doesn’t get announced in the next 5 months, I’m going with the Ursa Mini Pro