High ISO Comparison: Sony a6500 Vs. a6300 Vs. Nikon D500 Vs. Fujifilm X-Pro2


dpreview has updated their studio shot comparison tool with Sony a6500 flagship mirrorless camera. Here is high ISO comparison on Sony a6500, Sony a6300, Nikon D500, and Fujifilm X-Pro2. All these images are taken at ISO 51200 in RAW model.

a6500-vs-6300-v-d500-pro2-51200-raw-2 a6500-vs-6300-v-d500-pro2-51200-raw-1

From the images above, we can see the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Nikon D500 has better performance than Sony a6500 and a6300 in low light model.

  • BlueBomberTurbo

    Really? All those are are ISO 12,800 boosted 2 stops in-camera. A task better left to RAW editors. Try true max ISOs and you’ll see that they’re all even.

  • Tim Reeves

    Lol, the fuji is a stop under on iso (fuji lie on iso) and has NR applied to the raws. The nikon has chroma NR applied to the raw.

    The only camera that doesn’t manhandle its raws imo is the winner ūüėČ