dpreview: Sony a6400 & a9’s ‘Real-time Tracking’ is a Big Leap Forward for Autofocus

dpreview has just posted a new article said that Sony a6400 (B&HAdoramaAmazon) & a9 (Amazon/B&H/Adorama)’s “real-time tracking” feature is a big leap forward for autofocus system.

From dpreview:

The autofocus system introduced in Sony’s a6400 as well as in the a9 via a firmware update aims to change that, making autofocus simple for everyone from casual users to pro photographers. And while all manufacturers are aiming to make autofocus more intelligent and easier to use, our first impressions are that in practice, Sony’s new ‘real-time tracking’ AF system really does take away the complexity and removes much of the headache of autofocus so that you can focus on the action, the moment, and your composition.

so much information, in fact, that it feels as if the autofocus system really understands who or what your subject is, making it arguably the ‘stickiest’ system we’ve seen to date.

Real-time tracking isn’t only useful for human subjects. Rather, it simply prioritizes whatever subject you place under the autofocus point, be it people or pets, food, a distant mountain, or a nearby flower. It’s that versatile