BCN: Sony Keep Rising on the Full Frame Mirrorless Market in Japan in December

BCN has just released the full frame mirrorless camera market share in holiday season. The market share for Sony now rising again from November to December, even though Nikon released Z6 in December.

Sony had about 100% share until about July. After October, when two companies entered the market, the market share was dropped to the level of less than 70%, but in November and December the level of just under 70% was maintained. As a result, Nikon and Canon ended the year-end shopping bout with a big difference. The victory is due to abundant body and lens lineup and low price.

In the sales volume ranking by model separately compiled for each kit lens and color included, the a7 III is 40.8% that is unnecessary. The second place was Canon’s EOS R with 17.5%, third in Nikon’s Z 6, 13.0%. In order of selling price, α 7 III is top, but Z 6 and EOS R with high unit prices are exchanged.

via: BCN